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Star Dungeons-and-Dragons
this is for D and D RPGs

Group Founder: attain
Description: If you like rpgs and have a good imagination than join us, create a hero and jump into a going rpg or make your own. NO s*x/NAUGHTY rpgs. do that in inbox messages please
Group Type: Public join
Members: 5
Category: Games > RPG

Topics (2)

go Heros (4) attain
Here is where you will submit your hero.What to have Note these are of your hero not of you personallyName:Aprox Age:Race:Class:main weapon:

go Ruins of Valgora (4) attain
(A/N: anything out of charather needs to be written like this. For my RPs I am also the NPCs you will know who I am because I will post each person in their own post.)The wind blew in from the North c...